Does anything still work on Coastal Explorer?

  1. When I create a route and name the route waypoints and uncheck the “Show Name” box, next time I open the program… all my routes now have the “Show Name” box checked. I’ve spent hours trying to work around this!
  2. One thing I always loved about CE was that I could create waypoints and routes at home and then !!easily!! export them to .gpx files for use on my boat chartplotter. Can’t seem to do that anymore.
  3. Just yesterday tried the Android version on my 1 year old tablet. Does absolutely nothing other than partially draw some maps.
  4. I just have no idea how to use CE anymore. I don’t know where anything’s kept anymore, seems there used to be an online version that worked but I can’t find it now. When I “Sync” nothing seems to happen and I have no idea what should happen. Are my .nob files still updated when I sync. Is there any way to keep backups on my Windows desktop?

I used to love CE but I’m just about to give up on it. I’d love to purchase updated BC maps but not for an unusable program. Very frustrated!

Glen in Port Townsend


We got your email. We really need to discuss your issues on the phone. Please call our support department at 425-605-0985 when it’s convenient. Thank you!

Had a very helpful telephone conversation with Steven and resolved all my issues. Now back to loving CE as much as ever!


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