Double items, not saving item information

I use the program for mooring service navigation. The night prior to my work day, I take my work list and “show” all the items that I need to work on the next day. The next day I start my computer and every item that I chose to “show” the night before has two items displayed. We perform the service, enterer the data and then right click, hit hide item and the first one goes away, the second stays. Also- sometimes the second item has none of the new information in the notes field. Strange.

The second issue I had- and this is a first- we did a days worth of work and I was going over the items and none of the information in the notes section was there. All gone. I had to recreate all the data I had entered from that day.

Any suggestions? This happen to anyone else?

I had a similar problem. Many of my tracks and routes were duplicated. I could hide one and the second was visible. If I deleted one, both were gone. Sent my nob to Rosepoint and they could not find any problems with it. I removed CE from my PC and re-installed. This fixed the problem.

Zora Neale

It’s because they show up in two layers. When I imported by previous NOB files to a new computer and those files were cumulative from the previous years, I have as many versions of notes, tracks, routes visible as I have layers visible. Now that its that way, I don’t know how to organize things since I can’t move routes or marks between layers.