Enhancement request: instrument ETA to 'special' WP

While traveling a skinny inland route, one plans ahead for time critical WPs.
(swift current for the BC people, scheduled bridge for the US east people.)

I know I can set the ‘special’ WP by naming it and seeing the ETA in the Route Manager, among many other named WPs. But the Route Manager is busy with lots of other named waypoints _ and resets the scroll at every WP, not just the named ones!_ so I can’t keep watching the eta special WP.

So, elegant would be an instrument that is “ETA special WP” (i’d think one at a time would be adequate) and designation of “special WP” would be on rt click on chart and/or route mgr.

Failing that, or in the interim, how about not resetting the scroll in RM on unnamed WPs, as no new info is presented to justify resetting the scroll ?


We already have an idea on how we’ll probably solve this, so it’s on our list.