Enhancement request: more sensor status and selection

I see that my screen has the main 4 sensor status and source selection buttons.
Maybe I haven’t successfully triggered more, but here are some:

AIS (yes, I have two), but the default already implemented seems to be silently merge them(?) (side enh req: allow to suppress own ship reception display.)

Depth: allow for 2 (or more) named sources. (I have 2, port and SB). Now I can only choose one. Allow an instrument for each named one.

HDG: soon to come on my install - would like to choose, but see both.

I don’t (yet) have other sensors, but could imagine the desire to show multiple sources, but still choose one prioritized for any main displays. Maybe a generalized
model for external interfaces can be designed?


They would only be silently merged if the data for both is coming in the same port. We do not have priorities for AIS devices since it’s unusual to have more than one. Your VHF radio with an AIS receiver in it is probably sending your own vessel as an VDM sentences, which is why you’re seeing your own vessel as an AIS target.

You have two choices:

  1. You can filter out the VDM sentences coming from your radio, telling CE to ignore VDM sentences coming from that port.
  2. Don’t connect the VHF radio AIS’ receiver data to Coastal Explorer.

This is another thing I can take a look at more directly if I can get remote access.