Enhancement request: User Assigned Shortcuts & Buttons

I don’t use a keyboard so I appreciate the numerous existing keyboard shortcuts a few of which I assign to trackball buttons e.g. I assign {Home} to the wheel click to conveniently center the boat the chart over the boat. If there were a shortcut key for “Go Back” I’d assign that to another track-ball button and the same if there were a single key that would cycle through all the loaded charts for the presented area.

I love short cuts but I just can’t remember them between seasons and when I turn over the helm to friends and family they are lost without easy to see text-buttons that trigger actions that otherwise require crawling through menus, pages or just knowing the secret handshake. Consequently, I would really like to assign a few keyboard shortcuts as Instrument Panel Text-Buttons. Just like the Text Label today but with a field for keys that would be passed to CE when the button is clicked. e.g. I’d create an instrument text button Labeled “Skip Waypoint” and assign “W” to the keys field and a “RADAR” labeled text-button instrument and assign “4” to open my Radar Screen, and one to read “Look Ahead” with keys “Ctrl+Q A” etc.

While it doesn’t have all the functions you’re asking for, or the ability to send keys, Coastal Explorer does have a number of buttons that can be added to the instrument panels, including “Next Waypoint”. You can find a complete list by using “Screens > Instruments > Add an Instrument > Show: Command Buttons”. We’ll look into adding more of these options in the future.

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