Errant track point issue

The track for my boat occasionally includes one errant data point hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. I’d like to know how to delete that one track point. Is this possible??
Otherwise it makes my summer cruising track look extraordinarily long with one data point off the east coast of Africa when I’ve been cruising Maine all summer.
The track is being recorded via usb from an Actisense NGT-1 connected to my NEMA network. The plotter track at the helm does not show this errant track point.

Usually a position off the coast of Africa is because the GPS is sending Lat/Lon of 00:00:000 & 000:00:000.

Sorry, but Coastal Explorer does not provide a way to delete specific track points.

There are many possible explanations for not seeing the errant point on your plotter. Just one example is that it may not be using the same position sensor.

Make a copy of your ROUTES.NOB then edit it with Notepad.
Do a search on your track by date time, scroll down to your wrong trackpoint and delete its info.

Thank you for your reply to my tracking issue. You are right about the location of the errant track point. It is 00:00:000 & 000:00:000 I had not noticed that before.
I’ve changed tracking from 0.1nm to 1 min, time rather than distance. Maybe that will make a difference.
By the way, CE is using the same position sensor as is my chart plotter at the helm.

I have had the same problem when there is a network error or GPS glitch while underway. Would it be possible to have CE ignore and not record impossible track points? For example a vessel traveling at 7 knots can’t instantly jump halfway around the world. Doing so would keep clean tracks in our ship’s log