Files page missing from Voyage Plan page

The location of the .nob files being used has become a mystery to me. I’m trying to use Layers on Windows 10 and 11. I understand layers to be a list of .nob files and layer switches that allow CE to display the nav objects in the .nob file associated with each layer.

I have tried to change the name of some of the layers to describe the content of the associated file. At some point I lost track of the locations of the various .nob files.

All the guidance I’ve found says to go to the Voyage Plan page and select the Files page to see the locatons of .nob files. Unfortunately, the Voyage Plan browser page no longer shows a Files a link to the Files page.

This has been further complicated by Microsoft apparently moving files around. There are multiple users on this PC and at least two of them are accounts that I mistakenly set up for myself not understanding where Microsoft was heading with PC accounts vs. the online accounts. There are now .nob files in several differenct directories. This may have to be resolved with a help session or two with MS support.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

One of the most common questions we’ve always heard is “where are my files?” and the only answer we can provide is “wherever you put them”. Coastal Explorer has never controlled, or changed, where files are stored; it has always been up to the user via the Save As window in Coastal Explorer or the File Explorer outside of Coastal Explorer.

That is just one of several reasons that we now offer Cloud-Synchronized layers in addition to Voyage Plan Document (.nob file) layers. The new Cloud-Synchronized layers do not have a corresponding file that can become “lost”.

The Layers browser replaced the Files page and will still show you the location of a layer’s file when there is one (the folder will be displayed in parentheses after the name of the layer in the list).

If you have .nob files that are not appearing in the list on the Layers page, then they must be in a folder other than your Documents or Desktop. You can still access these files using the Open Voyage Plan Document command on the menu at the top of the Layers page (the three vertical dots) or the Ctrl+O key.

We have a video that describes how to use layers in a little more detail that might help.