Filtering of nmea sentences

Getting bad nmea sentences from vesper cortex over wifi. Cortex is getting bad heading information from older B&G h1000 system and retransmittes it on wifi. Appears as nmea sentence
$IIHDG,000,E*12 in raw data. Have set input filter not to recognize HDG sentences but it appears this value is getting through which causes the symbol for my boat to frequently jump to North orientation and chart then jumps to new orientation and then everything jumps back to original orientation. This is occurring continously every few seconds untill I turn off B&G system.

Based on your description, there must be something else going on, such as getting a heading from another source, and/or a problem with your COG. I suggest giving our support department a call, so we can go over the possibilities. It may be helpful to gain remote access, as long as that’s possible while maintaining your connection to the Cortex. Either way, we may have you send us an Electronics.log file so we can see what’s actually coming into Coastal Explorer when you’re having the problem.

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