Free Trial Problem (BC user)

I just purchased a boat and a friend who uses Rose Point ECS suggested I try Coastal Explorer. So I downloaded the software.

The main problem with the free trial appears to be that the demo charts are not particularly functional at 1:150,000. I can’t even locate my marina using the C-Map demo charts (although it did come up using the search function).

I expect this is because I live in BC and therefore the NOAA free charts are of no real use to me.

I had planned on trying to use the software on my first weekend trip but that just doesn’t appear to be feasible. So while I might have purchased Coastal Explorer if I liked the software from the trial, it’s now off my list for the time being. I have found a couple of other apps that do allow free trials with full use of charts.


Per our email conversation with you. Coastal Explorer uses British Columbia chart data sourced directly from the Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS). We cannot, by contract with the CHS, distribute their charts for free and are therefore not able to offer them in the trial. These are often preferred over the C-MAP ones, that also only get you a few small areas to trial before having to purchase a region. We offer a 30-day refund on all purchases. That includes the BC charts.