Frequent crashes

After years of loving this software on this computer (Lenovo laptop) I am now getting so many crashes I can barely use it. I have deleted and reinstalled CE but no difference. How might I begin to resolve this issue? Thanks

Hello Breakaway,

Please call our support department at 425-605-0985 so we can get more information.

Our hours are 7am - 5pm PST.

The cause of the program crashes appears to have been related to C-Map charts. I have been using C-Map charts for years so I have several sets of charts with expired licenses. You helped me remove them and since that time I have had no program crashes. (I almost am reluctance to say that out loud)
I would advise anyone using these charts to delete them after the license expires. It seems one can renew them even if you’ve deleted them as C-Map remembers you once had them so renewal price is still 50% off.
Thanks for your help.

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