GPS not on my iPad

I have a brand new iPad with WiFi, but not cellular. This will not provide position where I go. The fix I hope is a Bad Elf gps with a lighting connector. Pox on Apple

Yup, I found that my ipad didn’t have a built in GPS either, wifi version. Others have used the badelf fix. A NEMO is a great option as well if you have a more elaborate nav network, say with AIS, or a heading sensor, N2K devices will all feed in through the NEMO.

I now have gps on my iPad. The Bad Elf gps with a lighting connector came today. It was easy to install, I will field test it next time I go out on my boat. $101 from Amazon

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The saga continues. After doing field trials with the Bad Elf with lightning connector it does not work out of the box with the wifi only iPad. I was in contact with Bad Elf tech support and they had a convoluted work around, so I am returning the unit. My recommendation is not to purchase the model with the lighting connector. However, the Bad Elf pro I highly recommend. I will exchange my iPad wffi only for the model tha supports cell phone. My goal is to have gps in my iPad.

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