GPX export in iOS app

iOS app can import GPX. Does it have the ability to export GPX in any way?

There is a very roundabout way of doing this, but you’d need our Windows PC version of Coastal Explorer to do it and it doesn’t appear that you do. In any case, if you did this is how you’d do it:

You’d need to turn on the Cloud Synced Layers option from Rose Point Labs in the Windows version of Coastal Explorer 4. You’ll need to open the layer that should now be visible from your iOS device. You’d find this in Voyage Plan > Files. Your layer will be listed underneath the files, at the bottom of the Files panel. Once you’ve chosen that layer, you can use the Export Objects to various File-formats… choice closer to the top of the same Files panel. From there, you can export your objects to GPX and other file formats.

Note that this feature is in Rose Point Labs for reason, it’s new and still needs testing and work. I tried it and it worked for me, though.

It may be that we’ll add more export options to the iOS app in the future. It’s still very new and we have many other features we’re planning on adding.

Thanks for the detailed reply.