Highlight Objects - what *exactly* does that do?

Another undocumented function of coastal explorer.

Highlight objects.
What exactly does this function do?

The built-in help does not answer the question.
The ECS reference manual @ p51 only says that you can use Highlight Objects to highlight tide/current stations. That is the only mention of Highlight Objects.

Exploring Coastal Explorer manual does not mention Highlight Objects at all.

What exactly does this feature do ?

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It sort of dims everything on the display that isn’t an object

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RVZephyrRon is correct. It dims the nautical charts so other things are easier to see, such as the things you create: routes, marks, range/bearing lines, etc. It also makes things like tide and current stations easier to see against the detailed background of a chart.


Would be nice if that was documented somewhere. A little bit more documentation, would make CE a more useable tool.

The thing that stumped me, was the lack of clarity about exactly what an “object” is.

I tried “highlight objects” yesterday as we made a hop across the bay, on our way back to our home marina. I like that presentation, as it helps me focus on AIS targets, which is how I most often use CE, since I like the CE AIS display much better than on my chartplotter.

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