Home key functionality

Pressing the “home” key doesn’t always seem to cycle through the “Go to Boat” functions.

While its not working, other keys like X or W or arrows all do their functions correctly.

Clicking on the screen with the mouse seems to resolve the problem.

Often happens after switching back to CE from another window (like Chrome or IP camera Viewer)

Up to date version synced on 5/11


The most likely cause, given your description that clicking on the screen resolves the problem, is that the technique you are using to switch back to CE from another Window isn’t truly completing the process by setting the focus back to CE. Focus is a Window concept for which application received keystrokes, etc.

I’ll double-check with our development team in case there’s some subtlety I’m missing.

Also, how are you “switching back to CE from another window…”?

I’m switching using control-alt-tab then tabing to the CE window then enter.

I’ve been trying to reproduce it in other conditions because it seems like its happening at other times too. Its odd that other keystrokes work like the arrow keys but not the home key.


In addition to my reply above, i was able to reproduce it like this without leaving the program:

Check that HOME key works correctly then

Click Layers
Click Items
Click on a particular item
Delete an item with delete key
Close Layers with the X

HOME key doesnt work

Also, as a second issue, in Layers>Layers neither New Layer nor Import… work because I’m not logged in, but they dont even show an error message or a tool tip that explains that you need to be logged in. I had to search the forum to find out why.

Also, clicking “Deleted” on the Layers menu causes the program to crash – every time.