How to add BC charts to cart

When I select BC charts to purchase, there is no “Add to Cart” button

Hello rgcook,

Since this doesn’t quite make sense, we need to get closer to this. You can either give us a call when you’re at the system or, if that’s not practical, you can you post a screenshot of your Chart Store area, where the “Add to Cart” button should be?

Thank you!

Yesterday (the day my BC charts expired) and prior to that: Following your instruction video for purchasing charts for BC in Windows, I go to the Store, select Rose Point Navigation Systems, then select either Raster charts for BC or Vector charts for BC. The “add to cart” button shown in the instruction video does not appear.

Today, I did the same, and the “add to cart” button was there, and I was able to purchase new BC charts.
Did you fix something, or was it just that my charts had not yet expired?

A further question: I installed the new BC charts, deleted the old ones, and now the tide and current info does not show. I select any current station, and current shows as zero. Tide shows zeros as well. Did I somehow delete the new tide and current info? Or is there something I need to do to get the new info?

I suspect you’ve nailed it. Yesterday was right on the cusp of your expiration, so that was likely the problem.


An announcement related to your question about tide and currents for BC:

Have Canadian charts been made available for iPad?

Sorry, not yet. We will definitely make an announcement when they are available.