How to change track sampling

how does one update the sampling rate on tracks, my tracks are blocky and cross land when going around a corner or something.

would like the tracks to sample quicker?

Click search in the left side toolbar, type in “using tracks” search.
scroll down to this section. After you start a track, by clicking on your own boat and selecting start track, then double click on the track and see options there.

Changing the properties of a Track
A track’s properties may be viewed or changed with the Property Panel when the track is selected.
These properties determine when track points are added to the track. Changes you make to these
properties will only affect the active track. The properties of a track are:
General Properties
● Name The name of the track. This is set to the date and time the track was started, but you can
change it.
● Total Length The total distance traveled along this track.
● Tracking - By Time Interval Indicates that a new point should be added to the track based on
elapsed time.
● Tracking - Time Interval How much time to wait between each track point. (Only used if the
above option is checked.)
● Tracking - By Distance Interval Indicates that a new point should be added to the track based

I agree that it should be easier to find, in fact it should be under “settings” and “tracking”. CE seems to have abandoned updating this program, there have been so many suggestions to improve the product that are falling on deaf ears. The only “improvement” was the disaster of layers that made it unusable.