How to delete already deleted list

Using the latest version of CE and Windows 11:
I have accumulated a very long list of already deleted items in Layers \ Items \ Deleted. In the interest of keeping things uncluttered and in the future easy to read, I would like to delete the items in the already deleted list. I’m sure this is dead simple and I’m missing the obvious but can’t seem to find how to do this. I tried clicking on each item and again hitting Delete key, but that does not seem to make the item go away. My reasoning for keeping the Deleted items list short is so I can restore something mistakenly deleted without searching a very long list. It seems to me the failsafe Delete feature is working too well.

At the moment there isn’t a way to clear the deleted items list. With the next update (coming soon!), items will be removed automatically after a few days (and we’ve fixed the display of the dates so they aren’t all from 1969-1970).

Thanks, Brad. I’m looking forward to the update.