How to delete Tracks

The Deleting of old Tracks under Ships Log/Tracks is somewhat hidden on the iPad. Selecting a tracks Properties brings up the keyboard and covers the delete button. So, if you want to delete a track, open Properties and immediately close the keyboard so you can see the red button all the way at the bottom of the screen for deleting the track. Personally, I like to delete useless tracks so the important ones can be quickly identified.

I agree that deleting tracks and other objects should be made easier, but the current awkwardness is somewhat intentional. Since Coastal Explorer on the iPhone and iPad doesn’t have an undo feature, we didn’t want deleting things to be so easy that it might happen accidentally.

We are working on a “recently delete items” feature that will let you restore things that have been deleted and when that is working, we’ll make the delete option easier to get to.

By the way, the property panel will scroll too, and sometimes that is quicker than closing the keyboard.

Thanks Brad, A “Recently Deleted Items” feature sounds good. Often I delete something and almost immediately regret it. In the case of Saved Tracks, I had many useless tracks making it hard to find important ones. That’s what had me looking for the delete button. It was easy to do once I found it.

I put a name on all my important tracks.
So I can clean up all the other ones by editing my ROUTES.nob file with Notepad and delete the unneeded ones there. With careful backup first… :wink:

It keeps my file much smaller that way, about 6 Megs.

@PPLepew: I’m curious why you use Notepad to edit your Voyage Plan document rather than just doing it in Coastal Explorer which should be much simpler and safer. (The original question here was about deleting things on the iPad which is not quite as simple as it is on a Windows PC, yet.)

Where can I find the CE tool for it?

Navigation objects, including tracks, can be deleted by first selecting one or more objects, then using the delete option on the context menu (right-click menu), the “More” menu found in the lists of objects, or by pressing the delete key.

OK, found them in Ship’s Logs/Tracks by re-reading RCassano original post.