How to get C-MAP for my Windows Coastal Explorer

Where can I find a C-MAP overlay for my CE running on Windows?

Due to technical problems C-MAP is having with their licensing servers, we are unable to offer C-MAP charts at this time. Unfortunately, we do not know when C-MAP will have their servers up and running again. Sorry.

Hi Steven H / Rose Point,

We just installed a new NAV PC and learned about this C-Map issue from your support line last week.
What other options are available other than C-Map for UK to Panama?
We’re crossing in 3 weeks.

Thank you,

I’m sorry for the late reply.

For that sort of transit, you’d like want to look into S-63 charts, such as those from the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS). They have many dealers, which you can find on their web-site. They are expensive, though, except you can carefully pick and choose individual charts for exactly what you need for the transit.

Hi Steven,
S-93 charts will work on Coastal Explorer?
I was under the assumption they only worked on ECDIS systems.
My old PC has about had it, I don’t have a choice.
Any updated when the C-Map might have their act together to released charts?
Thank you,

Yes, S-63 charts work in Coastal Explorer. You’ll need to get the S-63 User Permit for each of your systems, so the provider can give you permits, but they will work, and the User Permits is easy to find in Settings > Charts and Add-Ons > Install Other Charts and Add-Ons > Install S-63 permits and charts…

I wish we had an update to the C-MAP issue, but we don’t.

Ok Steve thanks. I see how to insert the permits etc.
Thanks for confirming!
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