How to search for a location

How do I search for a location by entering lat x long ?
What format should the lat x long be in?

You can use degrees, degrees and minutes, or degrees, minutes and seconds with or without °, ', or " symbols after each number; separating the numbers with spaces or hyphens if you leave off the symbol, and using an N or S after the latitude and an E or W after the longitude. You can also just enter two numbers representing either latitude and longitude or longitude and latitude in degrees using negative numbers for West and South. (This is the same as Coastal Explorer on Windows.)

Here are examples that all refer to the same place:

  • 48°36.565’N 123°09.237’W
  • 48 36.565 N 123 9.237 W
  • 48-36.565 N 123-9.237 W
  • 48°36’33.90"N 123°09’14.20"W
  • 48 36 33.90N 123 09 14.20W
  • 48-36-33.90N 123-09-14.20W
  • 48.6094°N 123.1539°W
  • 48.6094N 123.1539W
  • 48.6094 -123.1539
  • -123.1539 48.6094

(The option to use hyphens between numbers will start working in Build 51.)