How to specify safety depth/contour?

I’ve been testing out CE on my iPad and iPhone, and haven’t found any option to specify a safety depth/contour. Is there a setting somewhere that I’ve missed?

There is an option to specify vessel draft, but tweaking it doesn’t appear to alter the chart contours. Similarly, the “Make safe soundings dimmer” toggle implies the existence of such a setting.

Hi there,

You can access those settings under Settings → Chart Display → Vector Chart Display (under additional options) and you should see a depth’s section with those values.


Actually, that’s only in the Windows app and the depth options have not been implemented in the iPad/iPhone/Android apps yet. The safety depth in the apps is currently fixed at 9 m, or about 30 ft.

Thank you! Yes, I’m on Apple hardware, but I take the reply to mean at some point it will make it to the mobile apps as well.