Import of GPX files causes additional collections to be created

When GPX files are imported a new collection is created automatically instead of having the route be imported into the existing collection. This causes endless collections being created when importing GPX files from various sources, including CE desktop app.

This is intentional and we think doing this has many more benefits than drawbacks. It is possible to move objects to a different collection if that is what you want, and we’ll be making it easier to do that with more than object soon. Also, once we have Coastal Explorer on the PC updated to work with the cloud-based object storage you won’t need to export and import in order to get things synced up.

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Honestly I think that there should be an option to set a new collection. I have old routes I’ve created in navionics that I’d prefer to justimport into the existing collection. Having a pop up askin create new collection or import into existing might be the solution.