Import settings old laptop to new laptop

Just purchased a new laptop for boat and was wondering if there is away to easily export setting from old and import into new laptop.


That really depends on what you want to transfer, how you’ve configured Coastal Explorer, and where you’ve stored your navigation objects. In general, though, there are three main things you might want to transfer: charts, navigation objects, and configuration/settings.

If you are using the default locations for charts, then you can just copy the charts folder to the new PC. This is usually C:\Charts, but you might have moved it somewhere else. If you copy that entire folder to the new PC, the Coastal Explorer will scan it automatically and start using the charts. (If you have some copy protected charts, you might need to re-register them.) However, if you’re only using managed charts, and you have decent internet bandwidth, you might also consider just setting the regions you want and let Coastal Explorer download fresh charts for you.

You navigation objects are stored in voyage plan documents (*.nob files) which can simply be copied to you new PC, usually in the Documents folder.

Configuration and settings can sometimes be copied to a new PC, but this is usually more trouble than it’s worth due to the potential for things getting messed up. Unless you have a very complicated setup and need to make an exact copy, it’s usually better to just reconfigure the PC from scratch.

It’s the configuration and settings… a lot of tweaking in the NMEA sentences of the device settings… :slight_smile:

If you are not familiar with and comfortable with the Windows file system, then please ignore this! It is possible to completely mess up your Coastal Explorer installation or even Windows itself by making mistakes here. These instructions are intentionally vague; if they don’t make complete sense to you, then please do not attempt to follow them!

In some cases the port settings can be transferred, but in rare cases some may be tied to the hardware on a particular PC. All of the port settings are in a file called electronics.db which is in a hidden application data folder that you can get to by searching for $data in Coastal Explorer. Coastal Explorer should not be running on either PC while you copy the file.