Incomplete download of charts and data

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Hey Brad, I am also having trouble with charts. under charts and add ons I cannot expand on the rectangle of download charts. Also, if I click on update, the job never finishes, the bar traverses about 7/8ths of the way across and then stops, I left it all night and still never finished. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it appears to have dumped all charts that were previously saved. So now I have no accurate position AND no charts. : (

@RVZephyrRon: Can you elaborate on “I cannot expand on the rectangle of download charts”? Are you using “Settings > Charts and Add-Ons > Edit”? Are the handles for dragging the rectangle not appearing or working?

Also, what is the area that you do have selected and what layers are you including in the download?

I didn’t realize the edit button was required to modify the chart selection. Since figured it out. Thanks

Ron, I have a very large area of the NE coast selected and the chart download only takes a long time the first time. After that all updates zip through smoothly. Also, On the first download I Locked the iPad screen in Settings to keep it from going to sleep and had it plugged into power.