Installation and integration of ActiveCaptain and CE

Sometime in the past year of so, Active Captain information is no longer available from the Places window. I have an Active Captain account and can access it from the app on my iOS devices and the Garmin web pages. Any suggestions? I’d like to get the info on marinas and places to be visible again on CE.

Is this the same computer that Active Captain was available from 1 year ago, or a different computer? I ask, because if it’s a different computer it may be that you haven’t installed the Active Captain add-on. Note that accessing Active Captain entries does not require you to even have an Active Captain account; it’s only needed to enable comment on existing Active Captain entries from within Coastal Explorer.

It could also be that you don’t have newer network CERTs on your computer, so be sure that you’ve updated your version of Windows to include Microsoft’s latest updates, and that you are running at least Windows version 7. If you’re using Windows XP, Active Captain and many other Internet accessed resources aren’t going to work, since you cannot even get newer network security technologies, which Active Captain uses.

Feel free to call us at 425-605-0985 if none of these things applies, so we can remote into your system and try to figure out what’s going on.

It is a new computer (PC Windows 10) and I also have CE installed on a Surface Pro. Active Captain is installed on the Surface Pro but not the PC.
I’m confused about how to get A/C installed. It isn’t listed on the Settings > Charts and Add-ons Overview or Store menus. Garmin’s site didn’t seem to offer an installation option for a PC.

I must be missing something…


You should find it in Charts and Add-Ons, then click on the Add-Ons at the top of the Managed Charts, Data, and other Add-Ons section. If will be amongst the other items, with a blue Install button.

The hardest part was joining A/C community. Once I did that, CE-Settings… showed Active Captain as available to install. After a resync the A/C data was downloaded and started showing up under Places.

Thanks a bunch for your help.

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