Installing RosePoint Costal Explorer software on a 2nd machine

I want to install RosePoint Costal Explorer software on a second machine on my boat. I will need the Product ID to activate the second copy. Where can I find the Product ID? I do not have the original sales information. Can I find my product ID available somewhere in the existing/first installation?

Hi Dwight, and welcome!

If you originally bought it as a disc, it will be on a sticker on the inside back of the case the discs came in. If you can’t find that, call us, since we can look you up by name and give it to you. It’s not a good idea to post that sort of thing in a public forum.

Be sure you download the software from our website to get the latest version.

Sorry, I neglected to mention that you can get the Product ID from an existing installation.

  1. Click on the “Settings” button at the left
  2. Scroll down 'till you see “Accounts,” and click on that.
  3. Your Product ID will be listed there, along with some information about that active system.