iOS/iPadOS Coastal Explorer

Seems like Coastal Explorer for iPad/iPhone is not available in my country or region (The Netherlands). Will it be available anytime soon? And if so, what will be the chart purchase options? I know you had some business with NV-charts by providing a ‘simple’ version of Coastal Explorer to use for their charts. And I can presently use W10 Coastal Explorer in combination with the NV-charts raster charts. Will this be possible in the near future on the iOS version? Same as our free iENC / inland vector charts? That would be the Holy Grail. And I’m sure many boaters would be interested.

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At the moment we only have US coastal charts available and will soon be adding US inland and Canadian charts. We hope to add more later, but I’m afraid we don’t have anything to announce at the moment.

We will probably open the Coastal Explorer app to more regions soon, as it can be useful for using ActiveCaptain and our base map, but most of the functionality you’d probably want to have will depend on our ability to get chart data.