iPad App on Ipad4 not working after v.50 update

I have an older iPad4 that I am using to test things on. The screen is completely white on the unit after the v50 update of the iPad app. Previously in the v48 build, the app worked as advertised but in the recent updates the screen is always white. I have tried v51 and v52 with no success. The app works just fine on my iPad Air2 with v52 installed.

The iOS version on the iPad is 10.6.4

We’re trying to figure out what caused this incompatibility and hopefully can get it fixed for the next update. Coastal Explorer will not ever work with iOS 9, but it should work with iOS 10…

Brad, no worries. I completely understand. I know that you, Steve and the team are working tirelessly to make the app work.

I was really hoping to get the NMEA0183 Auto Pilot feature tested but that might have to wait for a little while now.

I would be more than happy to help out with anything you guys need.

Any news on the fix regarding this issue?