iPad "Requires Subscription" notice

Steven, I got the full app with subscription on my phone and tablet. Does it connect to my laptop software. I have routes on my laptop but they do not show up on the app.

Both the app and PC software must be signed into the same account, and the routes you want to share must be in a cloud-synced layer. That’s the only kind of layer you can create on the mobile app, but Coastal Explorer on PC might need you to import an .NOB file or copy/paste routes into a cloud-synced layer you’ve already created.

If you’re unfamiliar with the cloud-synced layer features, here’s a video on the topic from the “Help, Tips, FAQs, and Videos” forum category:

There are several other useful videos and articles in there as well.

I don’t see an update for CE in App Store. When I tap approved it just changes to owned

This still a problem for me

I watched the video; it was very helpful. one issue when I click on the New Layer button nothing happens. No new layer is created, I am not sure why.