iPad "Requires Subscription" notice

I downloaded CE from the App Store and installed it on my iPad yesterday but cannot use it. The Alerts, AIS and Electronics preferences page displays “Requires Subscription”. My CE subscription renews on April 24, 2023. I am running the latest version of iPadOS.
When I click on “Requires Subscription”, a notice displays about a CE subscription and recommends a visit to the “Charts and Add-Ons Store”. After clicking on “Charts and Add-Ons Store”, a window about US Coastal Charts appears with an “Approved” message. When I click on the “Approved” message, nothing happens.
Please advise.

Try using the “Restore Purchases” option at the bottom of the Charts and Add-Ons Store page. That will cause Coastal Explorer to connect to the App Store to confirm your existing subscription.

I have tapped “Restore Purchases” multiple times but nothing happens.

We haven’t been able to figure out why Coastal Explorer is “stuck” with that “Approved” message on your iPad yet, but I wanted to let you know we are working on it.

Thanks for the update.

We were not able to figure out how your iPad got into the state, but we did come up with two ways to get past it and have released an update to the App Store which Apple has just approved. It might be available to you now, or it might take a few more minutes.

Once you’ve updated Coastal Explorer, it should detect that your subscription is valid and things should just start working.

However, I’d really appreciate it if you would go back to the Chart Store page and click on that “Approved” button one more time and let me know what happens. I’m hoping that it will change to show that you have a subscription.

Thanks for your patience while we worked on this!

I was having a this issue on an iPad also, which the update seems to have corrected. No issues on the iPhone thus far.

Any chance we’ll be able to add BC Vector charts to the App at some point in the future? It would be great to have the BC tides and current info on the App too.
Thanks & Cheers!

I clicked on the "Approved " button several times but nothing happened.
I have updated CE on the App Store; everything seems to be working again.

I downloaded CE to my Android tablet. I have the full latest software on my laptop. To get full functionality on my tablet do I need to purchase something else?


The Android version of Coastal Explorer is a different product. To enable full functionality there is a purchase required, which allows you to both download charts onto your Android device, for when you do not have Internet, and access marine electronics devices, both built-in to your Android device and external.

You can, however, access any Cloud Synchronized Layer data created on your PC or vice-versa by signing into your Coastal Explorer account on the Android Coastal Explorer. Whether you purchase a subscription or not, you can then create, review and change that layer data, making it an effective planning tool.

If you wish to subscribe, you can tap on any choice indicating that it “(requires subscription)”, and that will allow you to purchase a subscription through the Android store.

I had a chance to use CE on my iPad during a cruise from Olympia to Gig Harbor yesterday. The navigation chart functions properly but no AIS targets were displayed. The iPad & the Raymarine MFD were both connected by Wi-Fi to the Vesper Marine AIS unit. The “Own Vessel” icon displays on the iPad CS chart due to the GPS chip in the iPad but no AIS targets were displayed.
Any suggestions?

Did you configure Coastal Explorer to use the AIS in the “Settings > Electronics” area?

The Vesper AIS (and pretty much every other device other than our Nemo Gateway) must be configured in Coastal Explorer to be used. Unfortunately very few device manufactures incorporate a means for their devices to be “discovered” on the network automatically, so you need to configure any software to use them.

More information can be found in the Configuring Electronics topic.

Steven, with a subscription how would my phone or tablet get the data from other marine electronics on my boat. would that come from the boats wifi? I have a NEMA 2000 backbone and a Raymarine chart plotter that I can mimic on my tablet over the wifi.

The good news is the iPad has been configured according to the Vesper Marine AIS instructions & AIS target vessels are displayed on the iPad CE app.
The bad news, however, is no AIS target vessels are displayed on the iPhone CE app after an identical AIS configuration.
Any further suggestions?

The hardest part would be getting native NMEA 2000 over WiFi. For that, the best and only way would be to use a Nemo Gateway plugged into a WiFi router. The problem is there isn’t currently a standard for transmitting NMEA 2000 data over an ethernet network, WiFi or cable. Since we make the Nemo Gateway, we can do this using a method we developed in-house.

There are other ways but they would depend on translating between NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183, which isn’t ideal since not everything will get translated.

The prior version of CE displayed AIS target vessels on my iPhone.
Does the current CE app run different versions on the iPhone & the iPad?

Coastal Explorer should work the same on both your iPad and iPhone…I’m not sure why AIS targets aren’t showing up on your phone, but are you certain the iPhone is on the same wifi network?

Are you seeing any error messages on the AIS device’s page in Coastal Explorer’s Settings > Electronics area? Are you seeing any incoming data?

My iPhone & iPad are both connected to the Vesper XB-KF42157 Wi-Fi.
The iPhone CE app Electronic page displays:
NEMA 0183 Over TCP
The circle next to “Online “ is colored red with “Cannot connect! (Operation timed out)”
The Location Services section displays a green colored circle for both “Online” & “Receive”
The Rose Point AIS feed is a gray colored circle next to “Idle”.
The next section displays “Interface NEMA 0183 (Listener)
Address Port 39150
I do not know where to look for the AIS receive data.

The red message that says “Cannot connect! (Operation timed out)” means that your iPhone cannot connect to the AIS over the wifi network, so there won’t be any received data to see.

It’s possible that the address or port number are not exactly correct, or that the AIS has a limit on the number of connections that it allows, or that your iPhone is trying to connect over cellular rather than wifi.

You might try just re-entering the address and port to make sure they are exactly what they should be, and try disconnecting your iPhone from cellular data to see if that lets it connect

When I turned off “Cellular Data”, multiple AIS targets are displayed in Elliott Bay on the iPhone CE app.
Interestingly, when I turned “Cellular Data” back on, the AIS targets are still displayed. I do not have an explanation for this situation but I am pleased to have the AIS targets on the iPhone.
Thanks again for your assistance.