iPhone "Free Trial" wont go away

CE was working fine on my iPad Pro and iPhone SE. iPad still good. The Free Trial pop up appeared on the phone and I put in my registration information. The phone still pops up the Free Trial blurb and I cannot get it to close down. Likewise when I opened the page which explains the various menus.

I also hope m,y membership is exptended to 30 April 2022.

Because subscriptions are purchased through the App Store, they are associated with your Apple ID rather than your Rose Point Account. So, please be sure that your iPhone and iPad are using the same Apple ID for App Store purchases, or are at least part of a Family Sharing group.

If the Apple ID is the same on your iPhone, then you might need to use the “Restore Purchases” option which can be found in Coastal Explorer at “Settings > Charts and Add-Ons > Charts and Add-Ons Store” near the bottom of the page. That button tells Coastal Explorer to check with Apple for any purchases made with your Apple ID that are not being used by your device and should get the subscription activated on your phone.

All good!

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