iPhone wind and temp display

I have an Airmar 220WX weather station. Underway it functions in NMEA 0183 via a converter to a USB connection to my laptop. The data is displayed both on the WeatherCaster software and on the Coastal Explorer Instrument panel. All works well. However, At anchor, I would like to be able to run just the weather station and display the data on iPhone, with the laptop shut down. I am assuming I need to split the Airmar signal to a WiFi Gateway for connection to the iPhone. Airmar has had an iPhone app for display, but I understand it has not been maintained and is unreliable. It occurs to me that it might work with the Coastal Explorer App. Has this been done? Would the displays be just on the instrument panel strip, or could they be full scree gauges, without the chart?

I am intrigued by using a Nemo Gateway but assume it would be more expensive than a WiFi Gateway and overkill for my limited purpose.

Thoughts would be appreciated.


You are correct that you would need to find a means of connecting the Airmar Weather Station to an NMEA0183 to Wifi gateway. The Nemo Gateway could be used in this manner and also replace the serial to USB connection you are currently using with your PC.

However the Nemo Gateway does not have built in Wifi, so you would have to look at purchasing a Wifi router. Effectively you would plug the Nemo Gateway into the router. Then, if you want to maintain a hardline connection to the PC you could run an additional Ethernet cable from the PC to the router. For your phone, you would connect it to the router’s Wifi.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that the Coastal Explorer app does not have “full screen instrument display” capabilities, it will display the instruments in the app’s Instrument Panel the same way Coastal Explorer for the PC would.