Laptop selection

I have coastal explorer installed on a Lenova laptop but the laptop recently locked up in the start up mode. I am now in the market for new laptop. I currently have an iPhone and iPad Pro. I am wanting to get an apple laptop But is that a good choice? I hear CE has/had issues with IOS.

What laptop is recommended?

I also would like to install CE on my IPad and my wife’s Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

While Apple laptops are very nice, they do not run Windows, and they are not iOS devices, they are macOS. It is possible to run Coastal Explorer on a Mac, but you’d have to use virtual machine software, like Parallels to do it today. This may change in the future but, for now, you cannot run Coastal Explorer natively on a MacBook.

There is no specific recommended Windows laptop. It all depends on your requirements and budget. Most Windows laptops will be capable of running our software, but it will perform better on higher spec systems.

The iPad version is in Apple’s App Store. It’s free to install, but all its capabilities are enabled by purchasing a chart subscription.

Your wife’s Surface Pro 6 should be fine, as long as there’s enough free hard-drive space to hold Coastal Explorer, the charts you need, guidebook data, etc.