Layers and syncing

I thought I understood layers but I think I am confused. I have two laptops that both have coastal explorer installed. Both are updated to the latest software.

dell m6800 is my windows 7 workstation laptop at home
dell XFR is my delivery laptop

I created a new layer called “1982 nova 40” this is the power boat I manage here in Portland, OR. Laid down a route down river to Astoria for a haul out later this week. Synced the dell m6800, but i am not getting this layer to show up on my XFR when I sync it. Shouldn’t it show up in the layers? What am I missing here?

Strictly speaking, this should not require syncing. This particular data is transferred on the fly. It does depend on both systems having good reliable Internet, though. How long have both systems been running and online since you tried this?

They both are hooked to the interenet, and coastal explorere connects and syncs for updating charts. I just upened coastal explorer on the dell m6800, it connected and downloaded some charts. I created the layer for the nova 40 on the dell m6800 and its still there.

I go over to my dell XFR delivery laptop and fire up coastal explorer, it syncs, but there is no nova 40 layer showing up???

I’ll do some investigation and get back to you.

I don’t see a system called “dell XFR” on the account I found for the user ID you’re posting as in this forum. Could it be that the dell XFR system is activated on a different Coastal Explorer Product ID? If so, that explains it.

I only have one license, and I have been diligent when upgrading computers to ensure my licensing is correct. The dell XFR may be called something different, like my dell delivery laptop or something. There should only be two computers on my license …

Could it be: dell5424

yes, it is, and the other laptop is dellm6800

We’re going to need to pick this up in a phone call, since the forum won’t let us get what we need. Give us a call and we’ll get an application.log file from the system so we can try to figure out what’s going wrong here. Thanks.


Just ask for support if support doesn’t answer. My name is Steven, and I’m probably the best one to help since I’m already familiar with what’s happening. If I’m already on the phone, leave a message for me to call.