Load navigation files from existing PC files using a thumbdrive

Thanks for the opportunity to beta test CE on the ipad.
With almost a gig of chart files needed, is it possible to load/transfer the files from a PC on the same network? Perhaps a thumbdrive? Aboard we only have Verizon wireless for internet. Thanks

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Sorry, but that is not currently possible. The charts that the iPad version uses are a different structure, so even if you could get your computer charts over they wouldn’t work. It’s possible we may change this in the future.

A few other related points:

  • We suggest downloading charts when you’re at home or at another location with WiFi.
  • Chart updates will be smaller than they are on the PC.
  • We will be adding a way to disable (and, of course, re-enable) updates for chart regions, so we don’t attempt to update charts when the timing is bad for your cellular service.