Loading C Map charts from a memory card

I have C Map charts, purchased a few years ago, on a memory card that we were using in our Raymarine chart plotter. Not using that chart card anymore. Is it possible to load these C Map charts into Coastal Explorer for use there? When i went through the chart loading options, seemed like the only way to do this was to purchase another set of C Map charts from the online store.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hello. C-MAP used to manufacture a USB card reader that worked with NT and NT+ charts, but I am not sure that they still offer that product, or if your C-MAP charts are the right type. Contact C-MAP for more information on whether that will work in this case or not, or if it’s still available as an option.

Coastal Explorer supports the C-MAP MAX/PC charts which are only delivered via CD or download. Years ago, the reader that Steven mentioned could be used to also read C-MAP MAX chart cards, but it was extremely slow and even back then the reader’s drivers were flakey and crashed frequently. I’d be really surprised if it worked at all with current versions of Windows, and if it did work at all, I doubt it would be a pleasant experience.

My charts are 2018 vintage on MicroSD card. Data files are .MRC files. Don’t know if that helps. I will contact CMap,