Mesh WiFi router recommendation

My boat is steel hull with aluminum house, I need a meshed wifi setup. I have a PC running CE at the lower helm(hardwired to a switch), a surface go tablet PC and an iPad(both connect via wifi), all get data from my nemo.

Currently I’m using Googles nest wifi pro, not real happy with the setup, when connected to the internet it works fine, each device “sees” the nemo and works great… but when I leave the slip and the network is no longer connected to the internet the wifi connected devices don’t “see” the nemo.

In a perfect world I would like everything to be powered off 12v.

Hi Hank,

I would suggest giving support a call at 425-605-0985, it’ll be much easier to discuss your exact setup over the phone in this case. Normally if the nemo is onboard it should still be accessible without internet unless the google nest has an odd configuration. The NEMO itself isn’t dependent on internet access except for the rare firmware update.

Cadence (Cay) Denning
Support Engineer
Rose Point Navigation Systems