Mismanaged ENC Charts?

I’ve been seeing gaps in my NOAA ENC coverage. I’ve not done a deep dive on this but here’s what I think is going on (sorry if this has been covered already. Didn’t see any references). The NOAA ENC library is undergoing a top down reorganization. When a managed chart library sync is performed (I always do this manually) I usually see many charts designated as ‘CANCELLED’. This is understandable due to the reorganization on NOAA’s end as I assume that in the reorganization NOAA has redefined many chart boundaries and the territory covered in a CANCELLED chart is now covered in one or more new charts. However if these new chart numbers are not in my managed list they are ignored when I do a sync. This results in areas which do not have the lower scale navigation details, effectively leaving gaps of uncharted waters. I’ve corrected the problem by deleting all managed charts, selecting all charts of interest in the latest NOAA overview and re-syncing. This works but I wonder if there’s a better way to handle this problem.

It sounds like you haven’t “subscribed” to the USCG district(s) for the areas you’re interested in.

If, for example, you copy a bunch charts from one system to another, we will update the charts you copied. Since NOAA is cancelling charts and adding new ones, all you will see is charts cancelling, because new ones need to be obtained based upon being within a bounded area, which is what the USCG districts do you.

If I’m right, just click Settings > Charts and Add-Ons, then click “Store” at the top. After that click NOAA, then Vector.

You will then be shown a list of Coast Guard Districts, each with a subscribe button. Clicking subscribe will ensure that all the charts within that district are obtained now and in the future (for that system anyway.)

I see an “INSTALL” button next to each region but no “SUBSCRIBE”.

Sorry. Yes, Install subscribes you to the district. Once you click that “Install” button, you will be subscribed to all the charts within that district, even new ones.