Missing information on I-Pad

Last week I was on my vessel and connected to the Rose Point Nemo gateway, I was getting AIS info but not own boat S.O.G. Or Heading info for my vessel. Had to turn on location services to get it. I go back next week and was wondering what I should look for.

That should work as long as your AIS is providing VDO sentences that contain that info (or if a GPS is also connected the Nemo Gateway). You can see what sentences are being received in the port’s page off of “Settings > Electronics > Nemo Gateway” (same as on the PC). If you are seeing VDO sentences, would you post a screen shot? We can decode one here and see if there’s a problem…

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So I hope this helps, only have heading with location services on.

Coastal Explorer is receiving an empty heading sentence which is providing the “Compass on NMEA 0183 Over UDP” option in the heading sensor menu. The VDO sentence didn’t completely fit in the first screen shot so I can’t decode it, but if the AIS is getting its heading from the same place, then it is likely to be N/A as well.

Or, given that the HDG sentence starts with MX (which stands for multiplexer), it could be that it is being generated by the Nemo Gateway from the information in the VDO sentence which could mean that the AIS itself is missing the heading.

Do you have a way to see if the AIS does have a valid heading? Or can you make the browser a bit wider and take another screenshot with the whole VDO sentence visible?

One more question: I see you have configured Coastal Explorer to receive data over UDP, but you are using a Nemo Gateway, right? A Nemo Gateway should appear on the Electronics page automatically and not require configuring a network port. Did that not work for you?

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I not getting the Gateway for some reason


I just noticed in your screenshots that you are using a VPN. I think that might explain why the Nemo Gateway can’t be discovered automatically, but I’m not certain. I’ll have to check on that and get back to you.

I think I found and fixed the problem with the AIS heading for our next update.

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If my VPN is turned off I do get the Nemo gateway, unfortunately my VPN does not like being turned off and atomically turns back on.

“open the bay doors Hal…:unamused: