Moving Objects Between Layers

The documentation on layers says you can move items between layers. How do I do that? I would like to move routes and marks to a single layer.


Hi Tom. The easiest way is cut/copy/paste.

Just go to the layer you want to move items from, select what you want, then either copy or cut, depending. Switch to the layer where you want to put them and paste. The other way involves exporting and importing, but I’m a fan of cut/copy/paste.

Or for cloud-synchronized layers, use the Move to Layer option found on each item’s context menu (right-click on the item on the chart, or select the item(s) in the list and click More).

How do you copy a route from a cloud layer to a local layer? I end up with a route with 0 Nm.

I’ve been using Coastal since it started. I’m on the Board of the International PowerBoat Assoc and have managed the ICR, and our local Boomerang contest out of our Bellevue MBYC for years - and I don’t ‘get’ the latest Coastal version specifically a route developed on the Cloud. Nothing works to move it to a local Layer (or file) - copy paste, export/import - Tried ‘Move to a Layer’. It’s not happening. I’ll try to follow up in an e-mail.

I had some freezes - so I closed down Coastal and re-opened the software - it now allows me to copy routes from the cloud to a local layer… go figure… Using Windows 10.

Please feel free to give us a call if you need more detailed help or explanations. Forums are wonderful for many things, but sometimes a call is needed to get things sorted more quickly and with less frustration,