Multiple PCs running CE - any issues with routes?

I just installed Windows tablets at the lower helm and flybridge, and I have a Windows laptop . All are running CE on the same wireless network on the boat with a Nemo gateway. I love how integrated everything is now, and how I can move around without having wires plugged in everywhere. I can activate a route and the autopilot follows it just like it should

So here’s a question that occurred to me: What happens if one route is activated on one of the tablets, and a different route is activated on another? If this causes a problem, is there any way to set one of the PCs as a master and the others as slaves? Or at least a message that pops up saying something like, 'Helm-PC is currently following a route. Are you sure you want to override?"

Hi, currently there isn’t any type of check or feedback for conflicting routes, I’ll confirm if it’s in our feature requests and add it if not.