Navionics Charts no longer there

About a year ago I downloaded the Navionics charts from the chart locker. The C Map charts can be off in Mexico. The Navionics charts were more accurate for areas that were less traveled.

They are no longer available. Why? Where did they go?


The Chart Locker site only appears to provide chart data in the mbtile format, which Coastal Explorer does not support. Are you sure you weren’t using the mbtile charts with a different software?

I am positive it was on the PC based version that is on my boat. I downloaded Navionics via the S-63 chart locker and have used them for over a year now. Now the charts are gone.

Could you provide us a link to the website you downloaded the charts from? Or if you have a purchase confirmation email perhaps you can forward it to us at This way we’ll know for sure what you ordered and from where.

Sent you an email to the provided address