Need to install software on new computer

I upgraded to a new computer that does not have a CD drive, how do I install my coastal navigator software?

Hello. Just download then run the full-installer, from here: Rose Point Navigation Systems -- Marine Navigation Software and Hardware

I download it the program and entered my code and was able to open the coastal explore software. I used a Microsoft GPS USB GPS stick and it seem to load fine.

I’m getting a message that says “no vector charts are available for this area or scale”

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you,

Installing the software doesn’t immediately give charts. We don’t yet know which charts you need, so we’d have to include them all whether you need them or not, which would make the download for the installation program absolutely enormous. Fortunately, we have a video on this forum that explains how to get US charts. There are other videos for other types of charts as well. I’ll include a link to the one for US charts. Look through the videos and articles in “Help, Tips and FAQs” for more videos how how to get charts and other useful topics.

thank you, that makes sense

hopefully I can get charts just for the Pacific Northwest since that’s all I will need

Just choose USCG13, which is the Pacific NW district.

thanks I saw that in the video.

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