Needing to continuously calibrate the compass on my iPad

When I open CE on my iPad mini, a compass screen opens up and I re-calibrate it. While using CE on my fly bridge for a minute or two the compass screen appears again. So I recalibrate it again. This happens over and over and makes navigating with CE impossible. Is there a setting on my iPad that will fix this. When I exit CE the compass calibration screen doesn’t come back. This leads me to believe it might be a setting in CE I need to fix.



The Coastal Explorer App relies on your iPad’s location services to provide it position and heading information. I would try going into the ‘Settings’ App on your iPad>Privacy>Location Services>System Services and try turning off Compass Calibration.

If you don’t really need to use the internal compass in Coastal Explorer, another option would be to turn it off with “Settings > Electronics > Location Services > Enable Device Heading”. That will prevent Coastal Explorer from trying to get a heading from your iPad which will stop it from going through the calibration process. When Coastal Explorer does not have a valid heading, it will use your course over ground to orient your boat symbol on the chart.