Nemo data slow loading

I have the furuno iPad radar unit that will not join a WiFi network, the iPad had to be on the radars hotspot to work. So I have to switch WiFi networks when switching between CE and Radar. Switching to CE from radar the Nemo doesn’t get recognized. I have to shut down CE and restart it, then it will go find Nemo, otherwise it won’t load a good position. Then sometimes it will and sometimes takes a good long time or a second restart.

This is becoming more of an issue, cannot find Nemo today after 30 minutes of trying. Need a way to force it to look maybe?

Currently, the iPad app can’t detect that you’ve changed networks. This may change in a future update. In the meantime, I suggest closing the Coastal Explorer app prior to changing networks then, after you’ve switched to the network the Nemo is on, restart the app.

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