NEMO with 2 sessions of CE

When I tried to run two Win10 PCs connected to the same NEMO, only one system would work at a time with the NEMO. If I am using CE on an IPad will I run into the same issue?


Interesting. You shouldn’t be running into this issue either way.

When you say only one system works with the Nemo at a time, which one is it? Is it always the same system, or is the the one you start up first, or?


I only tried it once, but if I disconnected one system, the other would work and vice versa. I’ll try it again in a couple of weeks after I get back to the boat. Both systems were connected via a WiFi router.


Hmmm. So, what you’re describing shouldn’t be.

When you get a chance to check again, give me a call if this is still happening. Ideally, when you have an Internet connection, so I can remote in to troubleshoot.

Bottom line: There “should” be no problem having even three Windows CE systems (since that’s the limit on how many you can activate) and an iPad and even your phone, all receiving that data simultaneously. The only thing I can think of that might have an impact on this would be router configuration related, but I can’t think of how to configure a router to lead to this result, but some routers can do “amazing” things.

Let me know.

I sure will.