New Coastal Explorer Forum

Welcome to the New Coastal Explorer Community Forum!

The crew at Rose Point has been running a forum for Coastal Explorer users since 2007 using our own forum software that hasn’t changed much over all those years. While our simple forum was adequate for many things, it was missing some important features like an easy way to include pictures, good searching, and notifications.

We really wanted to provide a better system, but we’d rather work on building great navigation software than forum software. So we decided to look for an “off the shelf” system that we liked and found Discourse.

Discourse let us create topic categories which we’ve used to include most of the information from the Coastal Explorer Support page. Now all of our online support information can be found in one place! This will make it much easier for our support staff to make new information available and for you to find it.

The old forum will be archived soon. The old topics will still be readable at, but it will not be possible to make new topics or comment on old ones.