New Purchase of CE

I would like to purchase the latest version of CE and install it on a laptop that used to have CE from 2011 (installed via disc), which was deleted. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to make the new trial version ignore the old license number. I have run Disk Cleanup, cleared history etc. When I try to activate, it brings me to a page that “has either moved or doesn’t exist”. Do I have to wait until the 10 day trial period has ended? Does this issue require a phone call and online connection? Thanks.


When you first start Coastal Explorer, it should give you the option to “Buy Now.”

Are you not getting that?

Nope. No worries, I’m just going to hold off until I purchase a new laptop…it’s time lol I can see this being a pain. Thanks for the response.

Well, if you want us to get it working, give us a call so we can remote in and make a tweak.