No AIS targets on iPhone CE chart

My iPhone displays my vessel icon on the CE chart but not AIS targets. My iPad displays my vessel icon and AIS targets on the CE chart. Both are connected to the Vesper Marine XB 8000 WiFi.
I have closed and reopened the CE app several times with not change.
Any suggestions?

Have you configured your iPhone to receive data from the Vesper device by using Settings > Electronics > Configure a New Device? (Just connecting to the network created by the Vesper is not enough as it just looks like a “generic” Wi-Fi hotspot to Coastal Explorer.)

If you have configured an NMEA 0183 port, is it showing any data on that port’s configuration page in Coastal Explorer?

I entered the same IP address and port number in CE on both my iPhone and iPad. The iPad displays AIS targets but the iPhone does not.
The attached iPhone CE

Settings screen shot has both “Online” and “Receive” green on the Location services page.
Where is the port configuration page located?

Your screenshot does not show that the Vesper device has been configured for use on your iPhone. If it was configured, another box would appear along with Location Services and Rose Point AIS Feed and tapping that would show that port’s configuration page.

To get it working, tap the Configure a New Device button you see in your screen shot. Then select the type of port you want to use and enter the address/port information (this should all be the same as what you entered on on your iPad and PC).