NOAA Tide Table Annual Updates

I note a comment in 2021 US Tide and Current Data notice that “2. The predictions are pre-calculated and only one year of data is included. Next year’s data will be made available before the new year.” Since we are near the end of 2021 is there an update for NOAA’s 2022 US Tide and Current Data? Thank you.


Related question to the NOAA Tide and Current Data - How do I determine the version of the data table presently installed on my systems? Thank you.

Also interested in when this will be available. We are moving a boat over the weekend and if the new information will not be released before then it will be helpful to know so I can plan on working with other tide and current data. Thanks!

The new tide and current predictions are ready, but since they only cover one year, installing them now will remove the 2021 predictions. Our plan is to make the 2022 predictions available as an automatic update late on the 31st or early on the 1st.

If you would prefer to have the 2022 prediction now and don’t need the 2021 predictions, you can install them manually by downloading and following the instructions on this page: 2021 US Tide and Current Data - Rose Point (but don’t download the file from that page or you’ll just be getting the 2021 data).

As far as determining the version of data that you have, we only update the predictions once per year, so if you have predictions for any given year, that is the version of the data you have.

Thank you Brad! Best wishes for a happy New Year to you and the folks at Rose Point.

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